once upon a time...

... in a land relatively close to here, there lived two fair maidens. Elena was a young, corporate bombshell, crushing her career in the advertising industry, always dreaming of something a little more glamorous. Savannah was a spunky, creative type-A with an entrepreneurial spirit and who wanted to put her experience in fashion marketing to better use. After Elena went off to the magical land of New York City, found herself a handsome prince and moved back to the land of the reasonably-priced, they decided to have a little babe of their own. It was then that Savannah and Elena came together to create Cricket + Ruby, because let's be honest, nothing fuels big dreams like bringing a new life into the world (and possibly the raging hormones that come with carrying a baby girl!)

Cricket + Ruby is a modern bohemian boutique for the globally and naturally inspired. We carry a hand-picked selection of goods for babes, mamas, & homes. We search the globe to bring you unique, bohemian-inspired treasures that are made by local artisans, independent designers, and even some hustlin’ mamas. We set out to bring you items you’d find on a cobbled street market in Marrakesh, a tiny path in the gardens of Ubud, Coastal Beach Towns of California, or snow-piled suburbs of Denver. Every product is sourced responsibly, and curated with care.

Shop with us in person at Uptown Plaza, 100 E Camelback Suite 120, Phoenix, AZ 85012.

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