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The Baby Swing Chair is handmade with Macrame tequniques. This Swing Chair will makes your kid happy with a original product made with simple materials: cotton and wood.
The chair is compact and you can take it everywhere. You can use it both inside and outside.

Fill your babies life with colorful smiles enjoying this Baby Swing Chair made in Nicaragua! With over 100 years traditional design! The baby swing can be used both indoor and outdoor; on the patio or in the garden under the shadow on a tree. Hang the Baby Swing Chair in a safe location and appropriate high best suited for your baby.

The pattern is unique and all the chair is safety assembled. Wood bars have rounded edges. The seat is also in cotton and we suggest to order also the handmade cushion filled with 100% cotton fibers.

The wood could be lighter or darker depending on the part of the tree. We use Madero Negro Wood (Gliricidia sepium) a native nicaraguan tree, sustainable because from our tree farm.
We are working to set a plantation of Madero wood to be able to certify the origin.

We made and we test each swing chair at our workshop based in Masaya.
We follow a procedure in order to warranty a resistance up to 330 lbs, even if your baby will never be heavier than ~ 100 lbs

Always hang from a secure beam or support!
Babies should never be left unattended!
Please use responsibly, we are not responsible for any possible injuries incurred while using this product.
In case you want to leave your baby alone for a while, we suggest to buy a Baby Safety Harness to prevent your child from falling out.


Baby age: from 5 months to any age under the weight limit / sitting area: 10'' x 10''
Weight limit: 100 lbs (45 kg)

-One hanging point (two on request)
-Rope and mounting hardware not included.
-Store indoors during rain and when not in use, to avoid mildew and preserve its beauty.
-Spot clean.

Height: 10 '' (26 cm)
Length: 14'' (35 cm)
Width: 14'' (35 cm)
Total height from the ceiling: 110 cm

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